Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dominyk came home tonight after school and time with his PCA and said, "Do you think Salinda would mind if I said congratulations?"

And I told him that would be nice.

And he said, as he skipped off to find her. "I'm just trying not to think about any of the bad parts of this and only thinl about the good things."

And it brought tears to my eyes. It may very well be that Dominyk, a 13 year old boy with a myriad of special needs, will be the first, if not the only one to simply say, "Congratulations."


Foster Ima said...

If you needed any proof that you ARE parenting your kids right, this is it. 13 years old and he 1. understands that there are both good and bad things about Salinda's situation, and 2. knows that it isn't his job to worry about the bad things. Kudos to you.

Julie said...

Claudia, I used to pray this prayer over Marissa. These are not my words, but I do not remember the source of the prayer...

"We say to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that your life is not a mistake. God made you out of the Love that He is. He called you into being at the right time and the right place..."

Dominyk is very wise to understand that children are a blessing.

Other Mother said...

How wonderful. You gotta love him, and the encouragement he gives.