Sunday, May 10, 2009


It was a good day. Really it was. Better than anticipated with only a few crabby moments.

I have "talked" to all of my 12 children today. John texted me this morning, Mike just called tonight to tell me he loved me. Mentioned something about at tatoo he was going to send me. It was a very short call,. Kyle joined us for a late lunch after Ricardo's game.

All of the kids tried hard to be decent today, even Salinda. And I appreciated their efforts.

And then we got to spend some time with our best friends in Mankato -- Mike and Kari, who I refer to now as "Geeks Bearing Gifts". They invited us over to pie and greeted us in these outfits. This is a shot of them doing some work to keep the price of the house next door going down. They figure if they stand on their porch like this with Anna shrieking in the background it just might do the trick.

So it was a good day. Tomorrow morning we're back to the YMCA and I'm hoping to get back on track...

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HollyMag said...

I'm happy to hear you had such a good day. God is truly good! But then you knew that!