Sunday, May 24, 2009

Perspective and Gratitude

After waking up from some mighty odd dreams, I read Cindy's blog and then thought out about meal with Mike and Kari last night, and I"m realizing that a little perspective never hurt anyone. Even though we are dealing with a couple of major situations here, our stress level is really low as far as day to day living is concerned. The nine children at home now might collectively have a couple meltdowns a day, and they aren't severe. Only one is aggressive. So for the most part we all do fairly well on a daily basis, even on the bad days. We've had our share of suspensions and problems at school, but only once have I had to go to the school (well, actually the police station) and pick up a child because they couldn't hold it together.

We've reached a new stage where problems seem bigger, but less stressful on a daily basis. It is nice to get to this point. And it's nice to have friends who make me realize that our crazy lives are NEARLY as crazy as SOME people's. ;-)

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