Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sometimes We Could Use Another Parent

Last night was one of those nights where it would have been nice to be two places at one time -- or to have a third parent. Fortunately, we do have PCAs, so that is kind of like having another parent. But really, I would prefer to be multiple people.

It was the Code of Honor at Boy Scouts last night and there was also an away track meet and an away soccer meet. Plus, there were several children not involved in anything. So Bart headed to the Cities with Ricardo (the soccer player) Rand and Wilson, while Dominyk's PCA headed to the Boy Scout picnic early so that I could join them, with Sadie and JImmy, a few minutes late. Tony's PCA stayed here with him and of course, Leon went to his track meet on the bus as he was supposed to do, and Salinda, of course, avoided the rest of us like we we had the swine flu -- though she did do her chore and earn a few dollars working in the yard, which is more than she did for most of last week.

We had an enjoyable evening -- it was beautiful outside and even though we weren't all together, most of us had a good night. This morning is "late start" so the kids are still asleep, giving me a little extra time to get work done before I take everyone to school.

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QueenB said...

Claudia, I love this picture of your son - and this is silly, but when I first looked at it, I wondered what he had attached to his ear - (I didn't have my contacts in), and then when I looked closely, I realized it was a face from a person behind him. Then, I thought, wow, maybe Claudia could photo shop everything else out, and leave that little face next to his ear, you know, whispering in his ear, keeping him heading in the right direction.....anyway, it struck me as funny, but then again, I laugh at pretty much anything.....