Monday, November 17, 2008

Bathroom by Dominyk

Dominyk took a bath last night and then went to bed without saying goodnight. When I went into the bathroom these are the almost frightening shots I found.

Now before you get all carried away with thoughts of calling Child Protection, it's not as bad as it seems. He loves to multitask his bowel movements and because of his OCD he has a shower or a long bath after every one to make sure that his butt is clean. So the bathroom is a big part of his life -- usually spends two or three hours in there a day. And I believe it has become his favorite place to play. Nobody can come in and bother him (though they do pound on the door often) and it's a small enough space and well confined -- I think he enjoys that. I'm not sure why he felt the curtain needed to come down completely last night, but I try not to use the word "why" and the name of any of my children in the same sentence.

I am not alarmed by his habits, but I have to admit that having Clark Kent stare up at me while I was taking care of my own business was a little bit alarming, especially when it appears that he was being hung by some kind of rope.

I have joked that he is a sociopath but really he's not. Just don't look at our bathroom for evidence to prove otherwise.

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Torina said...

I love the picture of Superman! I love hearing your Dominyk stories. How nice to have a kid who bathes on his own! I had a foster child with OCD. It was great to not have to ask him to wash his hands 50 times like I have to with my kids (instead he would just wash his hands 50 times all on his own). I think all of our kids' disabilities bring an odd balance to our homes that otherwise would not be there without them...