Tuesday, November 25, 2008

God Comes Through Again

On our way to school every day we see a girl who has a crutch. She is African and she walks about 8 blocks, dragging one leg behind her. It is getting colder and I am surprised every time I see her out there. However, I do not know her nor her parents and I would feel funny just offering a ride.

The other day I went OFF on the ride to school with the kids that were in the van. I went on and on about how I didn't understand how people could drive by day after day and see her walking in the cold. I said that if I ever saw her again that I would go into the school and find out if the school would contact per parents to offer them my number so that I could call her.

Tonight I went to watch Ricardo and Leon pin their opponents very quickly at the wrestling match and this particular girl and three of her friends were sitting in the entry way to the school and were looked a little dejected. They asked if they could borrow my phone. I let them use it. They were expecting a ride. Finally they didn't reach anyone and I told them that I would be in the wrestling room if they needed to use my phone again.

AFter the match they were still sitting there and so I offered to give them a ride.... to the one girls house. But when we got there, she couldn't have friends over, so I ended up taking them all home -- four different houses, four parts of town.

But the cool thing was that I could casually say, "If I ever see any of you walking again without a ride, I'll pick you up, OK?"

And now it won't be awkward.

Isn't God Cool?

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