Saturday, November 15, 2008

One down, Five to Go

I think Sadie had a good birthday. She was helpful and pleasant, expressed appreciation for my note, and enjoyed the movie and the stir fry Bart made us for supper. Afterwards she and her two friends watched a movie and went to bed happily.

We used to do never allow Saturday night sleepovers. Sunday mornings are complicated for us anyway, trying to get so many people out the door to church in a short period of time. But this year I made an exception and now it seems like Saturday night is the most crowded of the week. Last night we had 3 extra guests, but were expecting four.

One of the challenges is that several of these kids are ones that want to go to church but whose parents won't take them. And I suppose it is easier to get the kids to church from here than to pick them up all over town.

So today I had to coordinate a way to get 13 people up to church and fed lunch today with a variety of people having responsibilities at various services. Here's a taste of the issues: Bart, of course, speaks at both services. Wilson has to sing at first. Sadie has to sing at second. I have to teach Sunday school. We currently don't have sunday school for 8-12th graders, so we have several who have nothing to do between services and can't exactly sit around the church unsupervised. I teach adult Sunday School, so I can't supervise them. But there are several who do have Sunday School.

I figured it all out, but it wasn't easy and it doesn't involve either Bart or I being able to do things how we'd prefer to do them....

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