Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dominyk's New Obsession

Dominyk's new obsession is Leon and Wilson and how they are ruining his life. I can tell you, this is NOT going well for me. I am not being a good parent.

Some days I feel guilty for having brought them into our mess. They are really great boys without issues, and they have been thrown into a difficult situation. They really don't do anything to provoke Dominyk and yet he won't stop yelling at me for how I always protect them and don't care about him, etc. etc. etc. The challenge is that the boys really aren't doing anything to him, and so I have to defend them when they are not in the wrong and he is accusing and attacking them.

This morning I didn't handle it well at all.

And I feel like a bad parent.


Angela :-) said...

I sometimes wonder if it's fair to bring more kids into "our mess". I mean, what if they aren't already "messed up"? Then, I remind myself it's all part of being in a family.

Angela :-)

Monica said...

This happens at my house too with my middle child. My kids were adopted in reverse order of age: my youngest, then my middle, then my oldest.

I too feel guilt sometimes, not for the ones that came later, but for my little guy whose always seems to be the target of everyone's off-the-wall reactions (the target after me, of course, and sometimes the target because of me, instead of me).