Thursday, November 27, 2008

Looks like we Made It

All things considered it was a good day. We forgot to take pictures -- I gave that responsibility to Salinda and I guess she forgot to take them. But everyone was well behaved, appropriate. The food was delicious. The potential recipe for disaster was nothing like one. I believe everyone had a fairly good time and enjoyed the meal.

Now we get to do it again tomorrow. Except that it will be here so therefore less stressful, hopefully. Although Dominyk has been home for 20 minutes and has been chanting how bored he is over and over and over again. If he keeps this up it is going to push me over the edge... of course, he's been chanting that for years and I'm still hanging on precariously by a thread.

I'm getting really close to having everything done for my part of the book, which feels really good. I've had a few things hanging around and it's nice to get them cleaned up. I'll be glad to be done.

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