Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Conversations We Have

After lunch today several of us were in the living room just hanging out. Ricardo, while winning every match at wrestling yesterday, pulled a muscle in his back so I was rubbing medicated rub into his shoulders. I mentioned he needed more medicine and Bart misunderstood me. He asked Ricardo

Bart: "You think you might be pregnant?"

Ric: "No, dad. You're stupid."

Sadie: "Well, boys can get a sex change."

Bart: "Yes, but even if you are transgendered, you can't have a baby. You have to have a uterus. And Ricky, you don't have a uterus, so you can't have a baby."

Dominyk: Do I have a uterus?

Bart: No, dominyk you don't. I don't even have one.

Jimmy (accusingly, and not having a clue what one is): Sadie, I bet YOU have one!

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r. said...

That's hilarious! Please tell me though that Mercedes at least knew what a uterus was :)