Thursday, November 13, 2008

When there's no Drama, there's no Drama

But I should take time to write when things are going well. We've been having very busy yet calm days around here. Dominyk has replaced Tony as a boy scout and is much more enthusiastic. One of his PCAs is going with him and it seems to be working OK. Leon and Ricardo have started their wrestling season and this year Sadie has joined gymnastics. Salinda has begun driver's ed and Rand has been getting double shifts at work which allows him to work almost forty hours each week. Last week he may have even had overtime. He and Jimmy attended the Luverne (our former home town) football game on Saturday and Rand is hoping to go to the next round this weekend. John is making great progress in his group home and has joined the wrestling team at his high school. We haven't heard much from Kyle which usually means things are fine and he doesn't need us.

Everyone for the most part is being cooperative and things are going smoothly.

I am attempting to get caught up with work issues and am actually making some progress. There is a lot going on, but I don't feel as swamped as I have in the recent past.

So other than Mike being back in jail for theft of livestock (I never use the word Why and his name in the same sentence) which you read about in Bart's blog,

So when things are going well, I forget to blog. Sad, but true. I'll have to be more intentional I guess...

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