Saturday, November 08, 2008

Can't believe I haven't Blogged All day

Last night we decided to go to a nice place for dinner since we only had three kids home. WE went and saw a movie first (the Secret Life of Bees) and the boys went to a kids movie. We then tried to get into Red Lobster. When we go there it was packed with a 40 minute wait. We decided that 40 minutes with Dominyk and his OCD would not be a good combination, so we left the restaurant. On his way out, Dominyk exclaimed loudly, much to the amusement of many people waiting for Red Lobster, "How about TACO BELL?" WE settled for a sit down Mexican place.

Today, after a very calm morning with only 3 kids home, we headed back for the promised Red Lobster where there was an obvious display of differing temperaments. Dominyk went for a long trip to the bathroom, and returned to speed through his meal, taking less than 6 minutes to eat his rainbow trout. Wilson, on the other hand, very meticulous ate one of his four crab legs and had to take the rest home in a box.

We came home to a very calm house again and then had Kari and Ben and Anna over, not making for calm, but good enough anyway. Rand and WIlson both had friends over, so the twelve of us had a fairly wild meal, and then Kari had to take the kids home. Now Bart and I have both been blogging and finishing up the day.

Bart did so many loads of laundry that it is going to take a while to put them all away, but in order to thank him for his hard work, I'm goign to make sure I do that before we go to bed.

And the meal he made tonight was awesome. As was the salad Ben made.

On days like today I am so incredibly grateful for my husband. It's not his endless help around the house that is most amazing, it's the spirit in which he does it all.

We've got a wild life here, but you should see how good he is with the kids -- with our kids and others -- and how gently he deals with people. I just can't stop being thankful for him.

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FAScinated said...

I'm thankful for Bart, too. Great supper....sorry about Anna being so bonkers. She was completely calm after we got home and she was in her pajamas. I'm exhausted.