Monday, November 24, 2008

This is a Must Read

We have a friend named Tom who may or may not wish to be associated with me or this blog, but oh well. (Kidding, Tom). We met Tom and his wife as we were moving here and they were in the adoption process. You can read about their family story on this blog post. They go to our church and as time goes by they have proven to be excellent parents. Tom has risen to the occasion of being an instant Dad to a couple of teen/preteen girls and has amazed me.

Not only that, but Tom writes for an agricultural magazine. I am so very proud of him for the article that he wrote there that is online as of yesterday. He has received quite a bit of criticism, as you can imagine, from local farmers who don't exactly share his views.

But the reason I am so impressed is that Tom is doing what he can for the cause of adoption where he is ... even if it is an unlikely place. He articulates his views and does so professionally and clearly.

Sometimes you are just glad to be part of someone's life. And Bart and I feel that way about Tom and Chantill and their girls We're proud to know them.


Becky said...

Excellent article and he is so right, we must be the change that happens, not politicians or laws that create more need rather than actually dealing with the problem at hand, whatever it may be.

Speaking of inspiration, Obama isn't the only one who is good at it. I appreciate your blog!

Paula said...

It seems to me like the people of Arkansas have voted about the change that they want. But Tom feels their idea of change is wrong. Hmmm...interesting.

TR said...

That's a thoughtful point, Paula. I'll stew on that during my Thanksgiving travels and come back with a comeback...