Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dominyk Simply is Not Ecumenically Minded

Over the past several years, Dominyk has proven that he is not ecumenically minded whatsoever. He complains every time we have to go to a service at a different church. And he's got disparaging remarks about every other denomination.

Tonight we were heading to the Thanksgiving service and he said, "I bet they are going to let those Catholics and Lutherans in this nice Christian church."

And I responded with a sigh, "Catholics and Lutherans are Christians Dominyk."

We really don't teach our kids this stuff. I promise.


Yondalla said...

For years I attended a Lutheran congregation that shared the building with a Disciples of Christ congregation. The name of their congregation was just "[Our Location] Christian Church."

The two congregations shared mid-week services for Lent, and had lots of pot lucks together. Every now and then someone would get confused about who was a member of which congregation... as in "the bell choir director is Lutheran? I thought..."

The response to such confusion was always a sympathetic nod and the comment, "I know. It's so you can't tell the Lutherans from the Christians around here."

And that has nothing to do with Dominyk, but your story reminded me of it.

Miz Kizzle said...

Everyone knows that Lutherans are Satan's minions.