Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Hell Meltdown Report

Yesterday was one of the better "holidays" we've had here, although it wasn't really on a holiday and I had to work incessantly in order to uphold a positive emotional tone. I had almost everyone on board with me except for Tony who was provoking everyone. Salinda was faking it but mostly just avoiding us for part of the day.

Dominyk of course had one major meltdown and Salinda and I had a big blow up. Leon actually was sobbing because Tony finally pushed him over the edge and it took him a long time in his room alone to recover. Sadie spent 30 minutes of the evening crying over trying to decide whether she should go to her friends or stay home. Tony burst into tears at the end of the day feeling mistreated which I was having a hard time being sympathetic about since he had been so awful all day.

So, if only 5 of the 11 children cried on a holiday, is that a success or a failure?

We did manage to get a picture of the kids taken. This is everyone who was home plus Kyle's girlfriend.

We did it though. We survived.


lskimberly said...

In football you can call it a winning season if you have more wins than losses.

I think this applies!

Torina said...

I agree! You have more kids so your ratio of meltdowns is going to be different :)