Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pictures from Bart's Birthday as Promised

There are a bunch more on my facebook, but here are a few pictures of Bart's birthday celebration. We had a very nice meal out at a local Vietnamese restaurant and after Ricardo's soccer game Bart opened presents. Several of the kids were insistent that they needed to get to the store the past couple days because they had plans. Ricardo and Jimmy bought him some things he showed Jimmy he wanted in the kitchen section. Sadie had purchased him a picture frame and promised to take pictures to put in it. Leon and Ivan workd together on a project they were very excited about. (no, we didn't adopt again but Leon and Ricardo's friend came over on Sunday and I'm not sure he has plans to ever go home ;-) They purchased a plain apron and several iron on decals and made an apron for Bart.

I promised him a great week in Philly next week and my undying love. Hope that's enough.

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