Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Good Day

I enjoyed my kids today. The ones who went with me were animated, fun, engaging, and cooperative. It wasn't a very fun day by definition -- a lot of time in vehicles, lots of rain, being lugged here and there to take care of errands between games, etc., but the kids were awesome. We had some good times.

I came home to find that Bart had had a very productive and calm day as well with the kids who were at home. He deemed the day a success.

John wrote us one of those very sad letters from Jail -- the repentance, I should have listened to you, kind of letter. The "I'll understand if you don't want to write me back but I still love you" kind of letter. He should have figured out by now that we don't stop loving our kids no matter they do, but what we've found is that there is a lot of time to think in jail and that letters from there tend to be long. Bart has already written him back indicating that we still love him no matter what.

Henry (Salinda's boyfriend) had a wonderful graduation party today and it was fun to be introduced to many of his relatives. There are times when being bilingual and bicultural come in handy.

Tomorrow is another busy day.... one thing after another... from early morning until late evening. But the things planned will be fun and and if my husband ever finishes using up his sudden burst of closet-cleaning energy, we might go to bed at some point.

A snippet of our conversation:

"Why the sudden burst of energy to clean the closet?"

"It's not a sudden burst. I've been working on this bedroom all day long -- seven or eight hours."

"Wow, you're impressive."

"I"m not trying to suggest that I'm impressive."

"And I'm not accusing you of trying to suggest that you're impressive."

(Sometimes I wonder how the people of lesser intelligence than the two of us argue).

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