Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Could it be that I'm wrong?

Bart and I had quite an adventure tonight. It started out with my desire to see Delaware, a state I had never been in, and my need for pantyhose by tomorrow morning. I had my trusty Iphone, but it was being really weird.

I told it that I wanted to go to Wilmington, Delaware and it was telling me exactly how I needed to get here. I was very confused as to it's time estimation -- going 28 miles was going to take me about 5 hours with traffic. "Exactly how bad can Philly traffic be?" I asked myself. The route was unusual as well. No interstates, no highways even, just very interesting neighborhoods where I'm not sure anyone could feel really safe. Mile after mile of traffic lights and small stores and interesting people. A couple hours into the 28 mile trip I realized that I had had the Iphone set to the walking map because of our walk to dinner last night. The minute I set it onto driving mode, we were on the interstate and to our destination very quickly.

And the whole time I was thinking the phone was wrong. Unfortunately, it was just doing exactly what I was telling it to do. Sigh.

I have more to blog about the day, but my presentation isn't quite finished for tomorrow and i'm feeling quite tired. Let me see if I can get that finished up and maybe I"ll be back to blog a bit more.

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Foster Mama said...

Lol!!!! Sounds like something I'd do.