Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've Kept a Secret for a few Days

I didn't want to keep people from coming to church, so i haven't blogged that Bart isn't preaching this morning. In fact, he asked a guest speaker to come and fill in for him. Actually, he asked many, and nobody could.

He is supposed to take six Sundays a year off and the year ends the last Sunday in June. He has only taken two off all year. Every time he planned to he ended up with a baptism or some special event that kept him from taking it off. So this week he was determined to do so. So of course, I couldn't let him preach this Sunday and jokingly offered. He took me seriously, and after some negotiating I agreed to do so.

So this morning he is taking half the kids with him and I am taking those who remain and I will deliver God's message to a group of people who are wondering why in the world I'm standing up there. The Scripture passage is an easy one for me to speak from and it's not like I don't do speaking all the time, but still I get more nervous knowing I am going to directly impact him and his congregation.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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