Friday, June 19, 2009

In the Air Again, I'm about to be in the air again

Just finished breakfast at PHL, which is the Philadelphia airport. Slept long and hard after my diligent day yesterday and woke up, packed and headed to the airport. I'll be tweeting my journey again as blogging is oh so difficult from the Iphone (which by the way has new software, finally allowing me to cut and paste. Way cool).

We are heading home, but the trip will take us all the way until 5:15 tonight. Our kids have done very well this week and it is so nice to have the freedom to travel. It's nice to see what good kids many of them are turning out to be.

The majority of our book did come back from the editor this week, so I will be working on that in addition to everything else. I would love to have it done before we go to speak at NACAC in August.

I plan to hit the ground running when I return and spend some good quality time with the kids tonight, then work on the book in the morning before we leave for another Ricardo soccer tournament, the last tournament of the year before districts in July.

We've had a nice time away together. I feel caught up and ready to face work again. We had nice times together and nice times apart this week. And my speaking engagement went very well. Guess I can't ask for much more than that... though I think we could ahve both enjoyed one more day....

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