Friday, June 12, 2009

Please Pray for Cindy's son Allen

Cindy just called from the burn unit at the Augusta, GA hospital where she is with her son Allen. Last night he was emptying a bowl of water while helping make pasta and it dropped and the water scalded his legs. He is going to have surgery soon.

Cindy is 105 miles away from home and Mayra is with her. The rest of the kids are at home and I believe she said Yolie and Sarah were with them. She's a bit shook up and really wants everyone's prayers.

I reminded her that things were going to be fine and that she had been through worse and she said, "Well, you know how I am with this medical stuff..."

She is nowhere near a computer but she has her blackberry so if you want to go to her blog she might be able to receive your encouraging emails (she has a link that says Email Big Mama.

I told her I'd let "y'all" know.


Amie said...

thanks for this information, I have been thinking about her today, suprised that she hadn't updated. Prayers for her and Allen, and the ones left in charge at home!

Luann DeGroot said...

Please let us know how Allen's surgery goes. I've been thinking about him all day.