Tuesday, June 02, 2009

An Emotional Day

The videographer and his wife had lunch with us and then came back to our house to set up. Bart and I were interviewed first, then Mercedes, and then some friends of ours who had adopted girls. One of the girls was moved to tears by her sister's story, which made us all fairly sober. Her mom, then, in telling her side of the story was emotional as well.

When parents who have adopted children who are meant to be theirs are asked to talk about their experience and to encourage other people to adopt kids, it is difficult not to get choked up. It is a profound experience and one that we really think other people should do. Telling our story moves us and compels us to attempt to move others.

To end the evening, hours after the process began, Leon began to tell his story. But for some reason he got very upset. He was talking about how everyone needs a family who will be there for them and love them and then started crying and said, "I can't do this anymore." He then let me hold him in my arms while he sobbed and sobbed. It was powerful. I was crying as well, trying to explain to the videographer what an amazing child we had (camera was off at this point). Older when he arrived than any other child in our house, he has been the most loving and cooperative of them all.

And so when I see him in tears as he talks about a family loving him, I don't just see my son who is having an emotional moment -- I see every kid out there -- every 12 or 13 year old who dreams of a family, but thinks they'll never get one. Speaking for them all, he said what they need and want.... a family to love them and always be there.

So tonight, as I go to bed, I am really tired. But I am sure that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do with my life.... finding homes for kids, either my home or someone else's. The Leon's are out there -- they're just too old for most people to consider them. And knowing how amazing he is, it's a tragedy that they get left behind to fend for themselves.

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