Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So far, it's been so good

I woke this morning at 4:39, 4 minutes before the alarm was to go off. I shut the alarm off so that I would not awaken my husband. I slipped out of bed to wake up Sadie, our 14 year old daughter, who goes with me.

I dressed in my "workout clothes" (Bart's t-shirt and the pants I wore yesterday), pulled on my shoes, and headed to the kitchen. I got the ice-tea maker ready to brew my tea, tidied the kitchen a bit, and then waited for Kari to pick us up. We went to the Y, worked out, I came home and blogged and started working on email.

My husband called to me at 7:30 to come upstairs. I had been telling him how much I loved the breakfast sandwiches at Panera and he had me describe them to him. This morning he made one that was even better and he had called me up to eat with him. It was very good. Wilson sat with us a few minutes before heading to the bus.

I returned to my desk, all children but Wilson still asleep, my stomach full and happy. Within minutes I received confirmation that my husband had booked plane tickets for Dominyk and I to visit my parents next month.

Salinda is coming home for a few days today, which I must unfortunately report, still causes me some anxiety. But I am basking in these moments of contentment to be married to such an amazing man. He is so good at everything he does and so many of those things are things I hate doing. So with a content stomach and my travel arrangements made (and an itinerary he has started for me, like he always does in my inbox) I am very content.

The day may not end well, but so far it's been so good. It reminds me of a great song that Truth sang years ago
We have come so far, You have been so good.
When I trace the road that we have traveled, I've got to tell you Lord,
I look at where we are, and see where I could have been
I need to say again, You've been so good...
Who would have guessed that we would come so far?

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