Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Late start to the day

I'm regretting my day's late start. Completely my own decision. The kids are all still asleep. In fact, if the lighting wasn't so horrible or if I had a really great camera, which I've been salivating over for weeks and keep denying myself, then I might be able to show you how cute Leon looks right now. Instead I will give you a previously quite blurry version that I doctored up as much as I can. He is sleeping with a red sheet over his window, explaining the strange glow.

And when I took it and decided to post it, I reminded myself of how fortunate I am to have teenagers willing to allow me the privilege of blogging about them. Most of them truly get why I blog and how much it helps other families, and they don't protest. Once and a while one of them won't let me post a picture they don't think is cool enough, but for the most part they are on board.

I have three separate visits to make and an important phone call to fit in between them today, as well, as parenting, and a meeting for church tonight. Wow. What a week I've scheduled for myself.

But enough whining .... hi ho, hi owe, it's off my blog and into the rest of my computer I go....

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