Saturday, June 13, 2009

Not in a Ranting Mood, so You'll Have to Wait

I allowed myself to sleep in this morning and then grabbed my IPhone, still lying in bed, to check out my facebook and find out what all my friends around the country, people I've known for anywhere from a few weeks to all my life. The idea that that is possible is just amazing if you think about it. It made me smile.

Now I have a day with nothing on the schedule for me. That gives me time to prepare for my week ahead and time to catch up from the week behind.

I have to share this hilarious dream with y'all. Last night I dreamed that the church had asked a photographer to take a picture to place up by the cross in the front of the church -- blown up into a giant size. The picture was there and it was similar to the picture here -- except that Bart was in Jesus's spot and most of our children and I were sitting on the ground looking up lovingly at him. When I was telling Bart about some of this dream, I realized exactly what the picture looked like and I just started cracking up.

The thought of it -- our imperfect family sitting at the feet of Bart, blown up and placed in front of the church. Oh my goodness, that is so hilarious.

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