Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scriptures, Secrets, and being Scooped

I was intending to blog this story, though from a different perspective, but Bart got to the computer first this morning and scooped me with this blog entry. You'll have to read it there, but it was great to discover what we did at the park last night.


I've been up, to the Y with Kari, and then spent an hour working on the next book before blogging. Bart and I both have work related business a couple hours from here, so we are going to ride together today, trusting our children to remain unattended for several hours. As Bart mentioned, they've been doing quite well, so I hope it continues.

Apparently yesterday I blogged and got Cindy thinking about James 1 and so she blogged about it, and then I went back and reread it this morning after reading her blog entry, and wow, if it couldn't be a theme chapter for us as adoptive parents! Here is how it begins.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Pure joy. Hmmm.


On Monday a few of the youth from our church met with me and I was taking them home from school. Sadie's friend was with us who knew our secret that really isn't a secret, and in front of the others, said, "So has Salinda picked a boy's name yet?" I had to explain the pregnancy situation to the the kids from the youth group.

Fast forward to yesterday and Salinda arrived home for a few days. On Monday she has an ultrasound and Driver's Ed hours (which really shouldn't be happening on the same day for anyone) and she said she was homesick and wanted to come home for a few days. She came home and slept for a while and then I went up and talked to her. We had a nice conversation.

One of the girls from the youth group was here for the day with Sadie, and she and Sadie came in the room. I was explaining to Salinda what had happened Monday and the girl said, "Oh, it's ok, we all already knew anyway?" I said, "Really, how?" and she responded, 'Something about someone's mom reading a blog or something."

Salinda smiled and said, "Thanks a lot mom." I told her, "you know I blog everything, and I figured it's easier than you having to tell everyone, which you don't want to do." She said she was fine with it. But apparently some people didn't quite get the point of this post but I just went back and re-read it and I am not sure I get the point of it either, so I don't blame you. It wasn't well written at all.

I'm thinking now that everyone probably already knows and is pretending not to. For some reason that strikes me as kind of funny. So now if I know that you know even though you don't know that I know that you know, should I pretend like I don't know that you know and are pretending like you don't know?

Oh my goodness, I crack myself up sometimes.

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