Friday, June 19, 2009

Precariously situated

I'm sitting on an airport chair by the in door to check in (because there were no outlets anywhere else and I was out of battery) with my laptop balanced on my suitcase. In a little less than an hour we will be on the shuttle for the last leg of our journey. We missed the last shuttle by a few minutes (we knew we would) so we had a tasty sit down lunch and now Bart is giving the book a final look-over on his laptop and I am getting my email back down to the two that I can't handle until I get home, but which I plan to so that I can be down to zero this weekend, something that hasn't happened since January 24th. I love an empty inbox. And yes, I record things like this. And yes, I know that I write some sentences that are too long and that my lack of editing in this blog probably makes perfectionists cringe.

Do you know what perfectionists do by the way? They take great pains and give them to others. I should know, I married one.

So cringe on, perfectionists.

So here I sit. Looks like the kids survived though the dishwasher and washing machine may not have as Jimmy called about those this afternoon. I called our own personal maintenance man (otherwise known as Kari's husband who says he will look at it. After we have dinner together... I've called ahead to book them.

Of course before we can meet them for supper we have to decide where. Sigh. That could take a long time..... Sometimes perfectionists have a hard time making decisions.

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