Thursday, June 18, 2009

Doing Things Successfully

Bart and I are spending a week away together. But ironically we will spend today apart.

There are few things Bart enjoys more than exploring and seeing things. He is a wonderful tourist and loves to spend his time sightseeing. There is nothing I enjoy less. I try to make myself appear enthusiastic but then he thinks I'm mocking him. So usually it's better for me not to even try.

We had originally intended to spend part of today on a bus tour that cost $50, but I am so behind with work that a day completely free to catch up so that I can return home less burdened instead of more so seemed like an incredible idea. I asked him if it was worth the $50 to have me along if it meant nothing to me, and he admitted that it wasn't.

So he is off to walk around in the rain checking out things erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Oh wait, that didn't sound quite right.

Reminds me ... yesterday, when I was speaking, I made a bit of a mistake. It was unintentional ... it just came out wrong. When we talking about sexual acting out, I meant to talk about a child masturbating excessively but it came out "masturbating successfully." Bart laughed so hard and he is not going to let me forget about it...

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