Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beyond What I Had Thought Was Humanly Possible

I started my day at 8:15 this morning. I had 110 emails in my box. I now have 2. Those two I can't do anything about until I get home.

I finished case notes for 3 families today. My goal was one.

I have blogged more than once, done some things for church, and generally just kicked butt. I'm tired, but it feels so much better going home on top of things.

And yeah, I know you smart alecs think that leaving a comment to fill my inbox is funny, but go ahead. Those are easy to deal with and fun.

Hope everyone has had as productive of a day as I have. Now, tonight, Bart and I may have a nice dinner together. If he can stay awake after his very full day of walking around every historical site in Philadelphia....


Sheri said...

I am a smart alec, and I am impressed! :)

Foster Ima said...

Claudia, you're always impressive, but this is WOW. Good for you. You're an inspiration. Maybe I'll get done all on my list tonight. Yeah right.