Friday, August 28, 2009

Days Like This

Last night we went out for dinner at a Token Barbeque in Mapleton, Minnesota, about 20 miles from here. Bart had found a coupon on the internet and while I'm no foodie, everyone in our family was thrilled with the food. I don't typically write anything about our dining experiences but we had a great time and twas well worth waiting for. The owner spent time talking with us, and our kids were well behaved. It was a nice time.

This morning on the treadmill I was listening to my Iphone's built in Ipod and listened to the words to this song for the first time. i had heard the song many times in the background and assumed it was talking about bad days. But surprise, surprise, it's about good days.

It left me with a strong desire to be the kind of mama that tells her kids that there will be good days. I think as a parent I am always wanting to warn my children about pitfalls, about problems, about concerns and I forget to mention to them that they are going to have a whole lot of good days to look forward to in their lives.

I hope that years down the road, when they have a specially good day, they will, like Van Morrison indicates, be reminded of me and how I promised them days like that.

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