Friday, August 07, 2009

Freak Show

My blog title this morning was supposed to be "to sleep or not to sleep" where I debated in writing whether it is better to take Tylenol PM and wake up feeling groggy but rested, or to lie restlessly awake dreaming up new book marketing schemes and then having strange dreams about kissing girls and not liking it. But then after breakfast I fell down the stairs.

Mind you, a person of my immense girth should not fall. I mean really, that is pretty logical and I try hard to make sure that I never do it. It's just not a pretty sight, for one thing, and then, as Ricardo mentioned once, "It takes the whole town to get you back up, Mom."

So this morning I'm heading down the stairs to my office like I do multiple times a day, and for some reason my ankle twists on the next to the last stair and my large body is projecting itself forward until I land nearly face down, my elbows and knees taking the brunt of it. Within minutes every child who was awake in the house, and 2 who used to be until they heard the crash, were standing above me, along with my husband, nobody sure quite what to do. However, as they realized that I was not dead, the jokes began. As you can imagine, they had a wonderful time. And I responded with jokes of my own in pleasant tones, because I can't help it. It's just my nature.

It took me a while to stop shaking, but when I finally did, I was able to get myself off of the floor and change the laundry. Now I'm sitting in my desk chair and if I were Dominyk I would be telling you repeatedly about my body and which parts hurt the most and how badly they hurt, they really really hurt. But I'm not, so i will just go on with my day with those thoughts pounding through my mind.

I'm sure you aren't surprised that today is the day we are cleaning the basement as we approach John's arrival. Because in our family system, we wait until the new beds are arriving before we make a spot for them. As Sadie would say, that's the way we roll.

Sorry for not blogging more, I've been super super swamped lately and have had zero time to even figure out what to do next, making me inwardly a mess and outwardly? Well, a sleepless woman who falls down stairs and lays at the bottom with several teenage heads hovering over her.

A true freak show.


Jill Miller said...

Girl you just can't stop making me laugh with your drama. Sorry that you got hurt but the image reminds me of myself falling and sometimes you just got to laugh at yourself and times of pain.
Know the feeling, we just got the beds for the new kids and are now cleaning and getting ready for their arrival.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

OWWWWWW!!!Hope your bruises don't hurt so much!!!!! Just in case, take 2 tylenol and a cup of tea and put your feet up to scheme about your NEXT book!!!!