Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Yes, i am. I am holding the book in my hands. The Print Proof. Well, actually I set it down now to type, but I can't believe it. It is right in front of me. I've already seen a couple of tiny errors and that bugs me, but we're only going to order 100 to start. So if you want to be part of the first run that is imperfect (a collector's item in the future I'm sure) you should order yours now.

If you've missed it, the video promoting the book is here and you can order them from a link on that site.


Carmel said...

I have ordered your book!! I cannot wait to receive it!

nancy said...

WHAT! An error?? Just kidding. I was hoping I was the first to order. It only seemed fitting, as we were the first to meet Jimmy in Guatemala, after all. While he was asking a gazillion questions (in Spanish of a couple of gringos), Cecelia was ransacking our luggage and dangling my sock out the 7th floor window at the Radisson. Little did I know that I would one day encounter similar daring looks in my own home. But I was delighted to have them for a couple of hours...just equally as delighted when Haydee came back for the extras!

Congratulations on becoming authors of a published book. Anxious to read the new chapters on your last two with the barcode on his behind.

nancy, one state south