Thursday, August 20, 2009

OK, one More thing about the Book

Tired of hearing about the book yet?

I'm sitting at Dunn Brothers with Wilson, Dominyk, and Sadie trying to work. But I was thinking of something.

If you aren't interested in buying from our online store you can always just order privately and send a check. Some people don't like to give their addresses or send money online.

We have about 50 books left from our first printing and when they are gone we reorder and then you have to pay more because our current profit margin is pretty small. The price will go from $15, to $13.95 plus tax if you are in MN and shipping. Tax and shipping is about $4.30. So right now for $15.00 you can get what you will be paying $18 something for in a few weeks. Just a heads up for you.

So if you're planning on it, but putting it off, you may want to get one now, or at least don't blame me if it costs more later.

Of course if you're like my kids, I'll warn you about the future consequences of your choices, you'll not heed my advice and do it anyway, and then somehow it will be my fault when what I warned you about comes true.


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Val said...

I really liked your last paragraph in this article. It sounds like I wrote it! I've enjoyed reading your blog. Here's mine: