Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snippets of Conversation with Dominyk

Me to him: Dominyk, it is not appropriate to discuss the sexual orientation of the elderly in public places.


Dominyk to me: AAAAAH. AHHHHH. My pubic! It's freezing to death.


Dominyk to me: Why can't I play "serial killer" with the neighbors?


Me to Dominyk: I'm sure you could wreak havoc in that thing.

Dominyk: What's wreak havoc?

Me: Pretty much what you do all day long.


Dominyk to me: I did NOT break anything in the neighbors garden. I sliced it. With a sword.


Jill Miller said...

Brian and I think you should write a book just on conversations you and others have with Dominyk. That boy sends me to tears with laughter. I'm sure that's not your experience though.

debbie said...

that kid just cracks me up!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

We are laughing WITH you - not AT you...But we are definitly, loudly LAUGHING!!!!

Angela :-) said...

I think I've heard several variations of the last one around here. Does he have a touch of ODD with his OCD? lol

Angela :-)