Friday, August 14, 2009

One-Eyed Fun

I have a few minutes this morning and I would type out my notes from one of my sessions yesterday that was really good, except that I don't have my notes with me. Maybe they are in the car or at the exhibit with all the books that aren't selling. (more on that in a moment if I have time).

After all our hilarity I can't even be lighthearted this morning about poor Mike and Kari and them having to be away from Anna while she is sick. . Here I convinced them it would be OK for them to leave their kids for a couple days for the first time in over 20 years and now this happens. Anna is in very good hands, but Kari is never going to want to travel far away again.

I woke up with my eye swollen half shut. In fact this picture is me trying to get it as far open as I could. Bart says it is hardly noticeable. Do you think we're at that stage where he doesn't really look at me any more?

Today we speak... we get the books ready to mail ... and maybe we'll go out and have some fun. If you can have fun with one eye.

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