Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Surprise, Surprise

I was actually fairly productive today. Tired most of the day, but productive. Tomorrow I hope to be even more productive. The Y is closed so I don't have that option, so hopefully I will sleep better tonight and wake up happier.

FYI -- a kid with OCD who has hives is not fun.

FYI -- having a huge zit on your chin when you have house full of teenagers is not fun. Dominyk keep wanting to explain to me how it is not a pimple, but a ZIT and Tony every time he walks by me just points to the spot where it is on his own face and sneers at me.

FYI -- having several ninth graders to pick up after football practice is very smelly.

FYI -- filling out forms for insurance for adopted kids is not fun when you have a lot of them. They don't even all fit on the form.

FYI -- having a husband out of town with a dozen kids at home isn't always fun, but it isn't that as bad as you might think.

FYI -- I need to go to bed early tonight!


Angela :-) said...

RE: the insurance forms... would it make a difference if they weren't adopted?

Angela :-)

Claudia said...

Actually, for almost anything (school, dentist, clinic, insurance, etc) we have to list all siblings and their DOB, place of birth, etc. So I guess it would be the same hassle if they were birth kids.