Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Good, the Not So Good, and the Pretty Ugly

We came home to kids very happy to see us and to a nearly perfectly clean house. The kids had worked to please us and it was really nice to see. Travelling for most of the day, combined with the hangover from the Benadryl I took last night, had me pretty worn out. So it was really nice to see the kids. That was very good.

The not so good was all of the tattling we had to endure, although it really wasn't horrible stuff. It is just a lengthy process to sit and listen to the various children report what everyone had done.

Finally, the pretty ugly was Dominyk's horrible crying episode that lasted over two hours He would just settle down for a second or two before he started up again. The kids said he had not been like that all week, so I'm glad that he at least saved it for us, because he was inconsolable.

While we were gone he had an allergic reaction to the only medication he had been trying, so now he is med free again. We have to get him back in to see the psychiatrist.

Everyone but Dominyk and Bart headed off for our STAND VBS kickoff in the park. Dominyk immediately calmed down and now everything is mellow. The older kids are at youth group.

Tomorrow morning reality starts again. I need to be more organized that ever before in order to accomplish all that needs to be done. Wish me luck...


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Good luck! Poor Dominyk. Meds changes are so hard. It really stinks that it didn't work for him...hopefully you can get him in soon.