Friday, August 07, 2009

Do We Know How to Have Fun or WHAT? (what)

We needed cheap labor, so we invited our friends over for dinner.

Actually, we would have invited them over anyway, but what a night. I just got a new camera, and I was very excited about it. So I took 280 pictures tonight, but only 33 were good enough to make it onto the hardrive, and only a few will make it here to the blog.

Before dinner, which Bart made, (ribs, baked potatoes, bread and salad provided by Kari, and pie provided by Baker's square, I took a few shots. And then after dinner between dinner and desert (and after the trip to buy the door) I took some more. ANd some more during pie.

But it was a crazy night. Highlights included

* Dominyk experimenting to see if the emergency window breaking gadget from the emergency car first aid kid worked or not (it did, breaking the window on the car we have to drive to Ohio next week) (this was after a flourescent light was broken this morning by Jimmy, and the back door window broken by Rand last night)

* a trip to Lowes with Mike, Tony, Jimmy, Sadie and I to buy a door for John and Rand's new room. This was really not smart as there was no where for Tony and JImmy to sit, which I tried to tell them when they begged to come. I ended up driving with a heavy fiberglass door resting on my shoulder and them laughing and talking nonstop all the way home;

* Dominyk eating pie without a fork, apparently, and without us noticing until it was too late;

* Tony flipping off the camera (I won't risk offending by posting that);

* and, finally, Anna showing me her Ken doll, complete with pink pants. It was her idea to have him flash me, not mine, nor her parents.

I'm not sure Bart is thrilled with my repetitive picture taking, but as you can see by the smiles, we have a lot of fun. It was a crazy night and probably would have been way more frustrating had we not had good friends to laugh with us and at us....


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Sure beats falling down the stairs!!!! Glad to hear your sense of humor wasn't bruised in the fall!!!!

Marge said...

Thanks for posting pictures of my grandkids! I miss them!

And please hold a book for me! I'll be home around the first week of September to pick it up.