Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Very Short Time of Rejoicing

Only about 45 minutes until I came home and realized, once I had my online proof, that I had uploaded the wrong version of the book to the publisher. So, now we are back to them reviewing the new one. I added a day to the process as well as a charge and it kind of took the wind out of my sales. But it will get done. It was just that "DONE!" feeling that got replaced with the "OK, not really done" feeling.

This morning Dominyk goes into the psychiatrist. I am guessing this will help both of our sanity. Things are much more volatile with Tony back home. He delights in making people completely out of control and he pushes them until they get close, no matter how hard they try. He hasn't gotten to me yet, so I'm proud of myself. I mean really, it's been two whole days! ;-) Dominyk having some medication should help.

We had a blast last night when Mike and Kari and their kids came for supper. She blogged one of the appropriate funny things that happened. I was going to attempt to get up early enough to scoop her, but I'm glad I didn't try. She went ahead and blogged it last night. Our trip next week should be wild if last night is any indication.

Speaking of the trip, busy busy week as we prepare for NACAC next week? Anybody going?

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Linda B said...

Wish I was.