Saturday, March 06, 2010

4:11 and I'm just sitting down to the computer

One of the realizations I had when I was lying in my hospital death, contemplating my mortality, is that I spend a lot of time at my desk. A lot. And grant it, I have a lot to do. My two jobs, along with a few websites, supposed book promotion, speaking gigs, etc, require a lot of time at my computer. However, I felt a need to spend more time with the kids.

This morning I gave Sadie my morning to help organize her new room. Because of all the painting last week (I proimse there will be pictures as soon as we're done organizing, and were almost done) Sadie didn't have much time to organize stuff and it was everywhere. So this morning we went through everything and reorganized. It is almost done.

I had insisted that this morning we were going to clean the house. I asked each kid to clean their own room and then give me an hour of cleaning time, with the promise of a movie afterwards, and all but two complied. Thus we went to the cheap theatre to see Blind Side, a movie I saw in November, but that most had not yet seen. A wonderful tribute to adopting older teens.

And now we are hope, anticipated having Kari and Mike over for dinner in 90 minutes or so. And I'm thinking about tackling my inbox. Or at least checking my facebook. ;-)

People have asked what I think Salinda is going to do... will she come home from Texas or run? I have no idea, to tell you the truth, and the thing is, she probably has no idea. As of yesterday she was coming back Tuesday or Wednesday and I'm sure that was her plan then. Well, at least I think I'm sure. But who knows what will happen.

I guess I'll have to just be OK with whatever does happen, since I really can't control it anyway.

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