Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Plans, Changes in Plans, and More Plans

Updates : John got called back for a second interview from Taco Bell today which is great news. Thirty people were interviewed for 4 positions and he got a call back. That's good.

Salinda is talking about signing up to get her GED completed. Not our first choice for her obviously, but better than not finishing at all. She also has set things up to take her driver's test. She'll have a license but lately we just don't have vehicle time trying to get everyone everywhere they need to be. And we tried to figure out how to get a 3rd vehicle, but we are just too broke after my hospital bills and my lost income from that month to even think about it.

Life is getting nuttier and requiring a lot of effort on my part to keep up with everything. When Mike gets here Friday it will add to the ride responsibilities.

Bart's sister and her husband stopped by to spend the night in their new camper in our driveway. We stayed up quite late for us... visiting and I am tired this morning.

At 7:15 the plan for the day was this: Bart had a 7:45 appt. and I was to take everyone to school at 7:30 (except Ricardo who had a 9:10 dentist appt). I would then come home, take Ricardo, Bart would take WIlson to ortho at 10, and then I would drop off Ricardo, pick up Leon and take him to a 10:40 dentist appointment which Bart would pick him up from because I had a lunch meeting. I would be home by noon to babysit Gabby so Salinda could practice driving before her 3:00 driver's test which Bart would take her to. The vehicle would be here so that Rand could take John to his 2:30 interview, drop him off, pick up Wilson from school, go pick John up and give them a ride home. By then it would be almost time for Sadie to go to work at 4:45 and Bart to give Mike a ride from work back to jail before the rest of us to leave for Wednesday night supper at church (and if Salinda and the baby come that might require an extra trip). Sadie will need to be picked up from work at 6:45 and brought to the church.

So far Bart's meeting has been cancelled, they moved Leon's dentist appointment up to coincide with Ricardo's and my lunch meeting was cancelled. The rest of the day, as of now, seems to be heading as planned. Just when I figure out what is happening it all changes.

I held Gabby for a while last night. She is so active and squirmy that it is hard to get a good picture of her. She is constantly moving until she wears herself out and then falls asleep. Maybe today I"ll get to take better ones than these.


GB's Mom said...

She looks so alert!

Little Wonder said...

I am bowing in admiration---I have no idea how you can organize so many schedules...I would be a wreck!

Marge said...

I'm exhausted just thinking about your day! And you do all of this without the benefit of coffee?

GZimmy said...

Claudia, I love you and Bart and your family, but I'm so glad we only have one kid left at home! ;-)