Monday, March 22, 2010

More Updates

Mid-afternoon Salinda asked me to come get her. There is always so much drama involved in that situation that I'm getting nervous about blogging it. But I went to get her and she and Gabby are now here. She has been home 30 minutes and her friend and friend's baby are here visiting.

Mike is wanting me to order things on e-bay for him so he can make money tattooing this weekend. It told him I'd rather see the money upfront before ordering it. but he needs the stuff and he gets paid Friday.

John called me telling me he really needed to talk to me, until I got home and now he doesn't. Ooooookay.

I got home to find the house nearly empty and I'm not sure where everyone is. I'm going to assume they are all somewhere they are supposed to be and enjoy the break.

In the midst of the surprise trip to get Salinda I forgot to order Dominyk's ADHD meds so either he is going to have quite a day at school tomorrow OR I'm going to have to keep him home. I think I'll just do an experiment to see how he does without it for research purposes and send him to school. He has a dentist appointment at 2, so it won't be a full day. ANd he will probably be fine.

Things change around here often, so I'll be sure and keep you all posted.

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