Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You know, I do a lot of whining sometimes. My life has it's frustrations and sometimes the chaos is overwelming. I don't like to get cussed out or threatened, I don't appreciate the constant obsessing and screaming and resistance, I don't like feeling resentful and manipulated and used.

But, I do have quite a few things to be grateful for. We only have one kid left who rages and they are usually only a few times a week, loud but not horribly destructive, and I'm not afraid someone is going to get hurt. We don't have anyone in jail at the moment. All of our kids but two who should be in school are. None of our kids give us grief about going to church. Two of our adult children now have full time jobs (Kyle and Mike) and by June 7 Rand will as well. We are all healthy. The county is not involved in our lives at the moment. We have no open cases or investigations in that realm. Nobody is in serious trouble at school.

Sometimes it's a matter of perspective. Reading other's blogs always reminds me that all of us have our good days and our bad days.

I'm thankful today that at this moment things are at that part of the ride where it's calm and you can enjoy the view.





J. said...

I knocked for you too, it seems as though that helps sometimes, may the calm continue.

nancy said...

And then out of the blue a son trips over a hurdle at track practice and takes a "digger", (as his coach called it when he contacted me on my cell), gets a concussion and facial abrasions, thinks he might have a broken wrist. And you think, "what's that about! Concussions are for football." And you realize how quickly life can change. He's ok, but I sure felt bad for the poor guy when I picked him up at the track to take him to get checked out. Changed my afternoon plans, not to mention his.

Hope this day goes as scheduled for you, friend.
Nancy in Iowa