Saturday, March 27, 2010

And then there were 10....

I think we had 16 of us here for lunch if you count Gabby.... but four left and we're down to ten. Salinda went to spend a few days with boyfriend's family as he has extended family in town and she wants to be here with us for Easter. She says she'll be back tomorrow or maybe Tuesday. Hopefully without me having to go get her.

I think that my bottom emotion in all of this adult kid stuff is that I don't like feeling like I'm being manipulated or taken advantage of. Sometimes they don't even speak to me as they walk in and out, grabbing the food I'm paying for or hoping in the shower to use up water they aren't paying for. I know it's petty and annoying listening to me, but you should hear what is going on in my head all day long.

It would be a bit different if they remembered they had parents as they planned things that required our help.

Oh well. Mike and Kari are coming for dinner and Bart is making this recipe I found for him which as enough cream and cheese in it that it has to be amazing. The karaoke selections tonight from the 70s are going to be great as well. Lots of good food and our best friends. Can't really ask for more than that to lighten my mood.

That, and the pictures above and the child they represent. Even though I don't get to see her until Tuesday. Can you tell she and I were having quite the conversation?


Jennie said...

and if you try to enforce rules like "$2 for a shower, $1.50 for snacks, $4 for a sit-down meal" etc. you'll get incredible grief!

GB's Mom said...

Enjoy the good stuff, let the crap pass through. She is a cutie and best friends are irreplaceable.

Lisa said...

I feel the same way. It's one thing if everyone is respectful and helpful - quite another when you start feeling like they're treating your home like a hotel. The coming and going with no word irritates me to death. Sometimes even being very clear about rules/expectations is not enough so stay on top of it. It is a cwappy feeling to feel used by your own kids.