Monday, March 08, 2010

I guess I can Share the News

I illuded to some news that you could guess about a couple weeks ago and some of you guessed correctly.

Today I took John's girlfriend out to lunch. Yes, the one I scared. It was fun. I like her.

Good thing too. She's going to be the mother of my next grandchild.

You know, it's not as hard to deal with when it's your son, it's not a surprise, and you've already been through the whole thing in the past year.

Practice makes perfect, I guess.

He wanted me to wait and tell people until after he had a job. I'm not sure why that matters so much to him, but I finally told him babies were good news and it was time for me to share it. I was having a grandchild and I wanted to tell people.

He has told his siblings -- except Kyle. He is afraid to tell Kyle. He's afraid he will give him a hard time, which he probably will.

As is the case with Salinda, the situation is less than perfect. John's girlfriend has a good head on her shoulders, has a part time job, is over 18 and is trying to finish high school. Her parents are divorced, but both are supportive. She communicates well and is committed to being a good parent. However, John may be heading back to jail, he isn't going to school, and even though he is desperately trying to find one, he does not have a job.

It seems kind of anticlimatic this time -- kind of a been there, done that thing. And I'm not sure how I feel about my own response to the whole thing.

And Salinda now has tickets back to MN purchased for next Tuesday. She should move home after that. Operative word, should. We'll see when the time comes.


Rose Adoption Journey said...

Im not sure whether to laugh or cry for you! But you are right...babies are good and God always has a plan! He can take our "decisions" and turn them into gold! (-; Loving you girl!

r. said...

Heh. And to think this whole time I had kind of assumed it was Kyle

Cindy said...

Congratulations and welcome to my world darling.

Kat said...

we lead parallel lives - some day we must meet! My g-dau is 5 months old, son told us a couple of weeks ago his gf might be pg. My reaction was similar to yours, for similar reasons... however, I think his was a totally made-up story for the purpose of drama. Haven't seen the gf since then so I haven't been able to get her side... Oh, and yeah, I scare people too!
Kathleen (aka Kat, aka Kathleen B-------- on Facebook)