Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If you were a fly on the wall at our house this week...

You would have heard these two conversations that are alluding to FASD:

Wilson to Mom: You know, some of the kids around here just don't think right (referring to his siblings). Do you think someone dropped them on their heads when they were babies?

Mom: No, but their birthmoms may drank when they were pregnant.

Wilson: And mine DIDN'T?

Mom: Not that we know of..... but if she had maybe you'd think like some of your brothers....


Bart to Mike: When you move home I think you'll find that Mom and I parent a bit differently that we used to. We don't use as many consequences any more.

Mike (from jail): So how are they going to learn their lessons?

Bart (wryly): "We've learned it doen't matter too much what we do. Everyone choose how they are going to act. Consequences don't mean a whole lot sometimes.

Mike (still from jail): Oh yeah, huh.

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GB's Mom said...

LOL- I love it!