Saturday, March 20, 2010

Needing a Fight for some Reason

Well for some reason Sadie was bound and determined to have a massive fight.... and of course, I took the bait and we had one. But I ended up with her phone....

What I don't understand is why she keeps coming back for more. I think it's over and then she's back in here asking for another round.

I think sometimes kids just need to blow up at their parents. It would just be nice for me if I could schedule it into my day and know when it was going to happen. Would make it easier to deal with if I could plan it.

The interesting thing is that when I tell her that I'm not going to say anything else and she can say as much as she wishes, she stops talking.

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Lulu McCabe said...

LOL! I'm going to borrow your strategy and tell my teenage kiddo that I'm going to stop talking and he can say whatever he likes. That's brilliant. And in case you find it useful: sometimes I think they keep coming back to argue because it's a form of intense engagement and they're trying to scratch an emotional itch - loneliness, or anxiety, or just a plain old need for attention.