Saturday, March 20, 2010

The House is Quiet

Last night was very mellow around here. Bart was commenting on how boring it was that all of us where quiet and in bed by 10:15 on a Friday night and that most of our kids were home. I actually think that it's nice that they like being here and are fairly mellow. Wilson was on a cubscout outing, John with his girlfriend, and Sadie at a friends, but the other six were here and pretty calm all evening.

This morning nobody is up yet -- Bart had to leave for an all day meeting at 7, and I stayed in bed a while and now will face some more work on taxes until the kids get up and we start the cleaning routine I've started for Saturday morning.

I have had lunch with two friends in the last couple days and called my mom and when I explain our lives it's kind of long and tiresome in a way. It's routine for me, our lives, and I've gotten used to it... but even my mom gets surprised sometimes at how quickly things can change if she doesn't talk to me every day or two.

So I'm settling into my drama I guess and just taking things one day at a time.

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waldenbunch said...

God made you uniquely for your family. Isn't that amazing?