Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Literally one hour at a time

I am finding myself having to manage my stress literally one hour at a time. Being a control freak, it is hard for me to have so many people and situations that I can't control.

If I made a list of things that my "children" were doing that I did not approve of it would be endless. Anywhere from sagging their pants and their choice of clothing to how they maneuver their relationships and the decisions that they make about almost everything. I have to bite my tongue about 150 times a day.

The result of me biting my tongue is peace, attachment, tranquility ... not better or worse behavior than when I commented on everything ... but my tongue is much sorer. And I have to manage my stress quite well.

I am getting a break though -- leaving for a training tomorrow and coming back Friday night. Having a few hours away from the mayhem might be cleansing.

And FYI -- we made it through all of the various details of my day including 2 extra trips to the school that I forgot to mention.....

But these kids are going to have to plan better if Bart is going to get them everywhere with one vehicle during the 28 hours when I'm gone with the other one!


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