Sunday, March 28, 2010

If You Are Picturing The Scene

When you read our blogs (mine and Kari's) after we've spent the evening together you might have a very different picture than what is reality. For example, Kari wrote about our delightful karaoke experience and if I were picturing it I might be tempted to see four adults sitting in a clean living room while the children played quietly in another room.

But it was WILD. Machine guns (nerf), several kids surrounding us, one being restrained, some trying to stand in front of the TV, teenagers continually mocking and making fun of our voices (Tony, ever so gently suggesting that my singing "Sucked" for example), everyone making fun of the music, adult children coming and going, people interrupting us with a multitude of questions and statements, and the decibels in the house rising to near record levels. That is a better picture of our evening

But it is still very fun to be with our friends. It's a stress reliever. And the fact that they can have a good time while all this is going on.... now that's priceless.


Jennie said...

i hear that. Time with my IRL friends with SpEd kids makes my life so much easier.

GB's Mom said...

You two are priceless! Thanks for sharing.

J. said...

it is always better when you are with friends who get it.